The Charcoal Body Glove

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Get your glow back with the Blush Off Charcoal Body Glove. Rejuvenate your skin and get rid of those dead cells and impurities with our premium charcoal infused exfoliating glove.

Reusable and long-lasting, use with just water or pair it with your favourite body scrub for smoother, softer glowing skin. Slip it on, wet and buff gently with circular motions.

Apply more pressure if needed. Rinse glove with warm water after use and hang to dry for the next use.

Ideal for tan preparation and removal to bring your skin back to its clean, smooth finish.

  • Colour Black
  • Fibres high quality infused charcoal
  • Detox and deep cleanse your skin
  • Removes tan, dirt, oils and impurities from the skin
  • Materials: Terylene, polyurethane foam, charcoal, rubber/PP thread
  • One size

Customer Reviews

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Both the service and the products were amazing! Will be purchasing again!!

Vikki Morris
Charcoal body glove

Hello, Thank you for asking me too review this product. I love it, does everything it is supposed to do. I have had other exfoliating items but this is by far the best. It didn't take forever to come. I will certainly purchase another when needed and as well I shall keep your website as one of my favorites.
Kindest regards and have a lovely christmas and new year,
Vikki Morris

Nardja Cook

Great product


I already use and am thoroughly impressed with the makeup pads so purchased the body glove. WOW! My skin feels amazingly smooth.

I love my blush off body glove

Great service and impeccable delivery times.
Love my body glove, I feel very polished after using it, getting rid of dry skin.

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Shampoo Cleanser 200ml
Kathryn Georgeou
Blush Off Shampoo Cleanser

I have no words!!! Only… “Just try it for yourself and you Will be Delighted!!!!” “You will be Hooked” and “You Will say WOW!!!”


My two teenage daughters and I have been using Blush Off for over a year now and we all love it all. We have so many of their products and I love how I can order online and delivery is so quick. It's just so easy to use and the customer service is great. One of my daughters loves doing bright, crazy make-up regularly and the Blush Off white pad, with just water, removes it all!! At first, we were so surprised it removed it all with no issues. Then using the shampoo to clean the pad is fantastic as it cleans it all to make the pad back to white again. Both my daughters do dancing and comps so I love how it cleans their skin perfectly, leaving it clean and refreshed after all the heavy makeup. I have even given Blush Off as gifts. I highly recommend Blush Off. 5 STARS!!

The Starter Kit
Tara Wilden

at first I was pretty skeptical that only water and a pad would work but this was amazing . I'll never go back to using face wipes again . Thankyou blush off for giving me the chance to use this product..

The Starter Kit
Sherree Keegan
My new beauty essential!

Blush Off is the first step in my night-time beauty routine that I never knew I needed! I have very fair, sensitive skin so I can only use mild products on my skin, I never felt that my cleanser alone was doing a decent job of getting my make-up and sunscreen off my skin at the end of each day. I have been using the Blush Off pads for a week now and I definitely notice that my skin looks and feels so much cleaner than just using cleanser on its own. There is no requirement to press firmly or rub the pad on the skin either and the cleaning shampoo is brilliant! I have been washing all of my makeup brushes and sponges with it. I am so glad I found Blush Off, a gentle alternative to cleaner skin.

Self Love Box
Hayley Rabbidge

Was abit sceptical at first but omg this is absolutely amazing! So easy to use and the results are beyond great 😊 100% recommend