Blush Off makeup remover pads are a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to single-use makeup wipes. Become a more environmentally friendly consumer and reduce landfill waste by switching today #helpusditchthewipes

Removing makeup at the end of the day is now simple, effective, mess free and #betterforyourskin 

These plush double-sided microfibre pads can be washed and reused up to 200 times each, equivalent to thousands of disposable wipes & cotton wools. After each use, clean your pads with Australia’s first Shampoo Cleanser, created to prolong the use, look, and feel of your pads.


I love wearing makeup, but I hated how long it took to take off! Hello Blush Off!

I know a few things about being busy. Being a mum of three and a business owner, “you don’t have time to waste and other times, you don’t have time for yourself”.  

Katrina Skebes, Makeup Lover, Blush Off Founder

Here is my story… 

I believe removing makeup shouldn’t take longer than applying it, right? 

Before I launched Blush Off, my skincare routine consisted of alcohol makeup removers, single-use wipes and even that long pink makeup towel. Like all of you, I found that over time this extensive routine was the cause of breakouts, expired skincare tubes under the bathroom sink, and the worst part… they never worked. My bath towel would always have a trace of mascara or foundation. Yuk! 

I wanted to create a product that would remove makeup without using something that felt like an old, stained carpet snippet on my face. I wanted something natural, a product that didn’t strip my skin of its natural oils and dry it out. An effective, simple, and natural product that actually worked. 

While working with a team of talented makeup professionals here in Queensland, we tried and tested over 26 different types of remover pads. 

With a little bit of my mummy's ‘OCD’ and a lot of letdowns, I decided to design my very own makeup remover pad. Once perfected, I now wanted to create the ultimate ‘stain remover’ to complement my pads with an antibacterial component to stop harmful bacteria growth. 

Fast forward …

Blush Off has a patented micro-tech fibre that is proven to be more absorbent and 7 times stronger than other pads

Blush Off is the ONLY brand with a pad shampoo cleanser that completely removes makeup and bacteria from your Blush pad. Tried and tested ‘the best formula’ we could stand behind and proven to work on Blush Off pads, Beauty Blenders and even Makeup Brushes.

Hydrating over 10,000 Blush Babes in the first year of business. 

We now stock over 25 Blush tools for your face, body, hair and makeup. 

We are now selling globally to Blush Babes worldwide from our Brisbane Warehouse. 

Featured in beauty magazines, fashion events, blogs, podcasts, radio, and global publications. 

“Since launching Blush Off, we have stopped over 15 million single-use wipes from ending up in landfill, and our magic sell-out Shampoo Cleanser is now stocked in makeup, hair and beauty salons across Australia and New Zealand.”