The Blush Off Difference

"I wanted something natural, a product that didn’t strip my skin of its natural oils and dry it out. An effective, simple, and natural product that actually worked "

Featured in beauty magazines, fashion events, blogs, podcasts, radio, and global publications, Blush Off Australia is the only brand you should be using for makeup removal!

The Sell-Out Shampoo Cleanser making waves for Blush Off!

Blush Off is the ONLY brand with a pad shampoo cleanser that completely removes makeup and bacteria from your Blush pad. Tried and tested ‘the best formula’ proven to work on Blush Off pads, Beauty Blenders and even Makeup Brushes.

"I leveled up the standard in reusable makeup pads and it paid off"

I wanted to create a product that would remove makeup without using something that felt like an old, stained carpet snippet on my face.

With a little bit of my mummy's ‘OCD’ and a lot of letdowns, I decided to design my very own makeup remover pad.

We tested 26 brands. We then designed our own!

Blush Off successfully removes daily dirt and makeup, including stubborn waterproof mascara, sunscreen and even zinc.  Leaving a cleaner footprint on our planet while using a sustainable product daily, Blush Off is vegan-friendly, cruelty-free and non-toxic.

What truly sets Blush Off makeup-removing pads apart is their incredible absorbency. Thanks to an anti-bacterial sponge encased between the micro-fibre layers, up to 50 ml of water can be held, making each pad 7 x more absorbent than any other pad available globally.

Blush Off released a Shampoo Cleanser. An Australian first, this shampoo can be used after each use under a tap and regularly sells out as it is convenient and removes 99% of stains and bacteria.” Customers and makeup professionals call this potion MAGICAL!

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