Laundry Wash Bag

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Wash Bag

Breathable and machine washable use this handy little bag for storing and washing your Blush off pads with your weekly wash cycle with similar colours. This wash bag is a must have to keep your pads clean and fresh.

What is it?

  • Roomy enough to hold 2 pads and your headband 
  • Zippered for easy access
  • Large breather holes allowing air circulation 

Good things come to those who wait so please don’t put me in the dryer

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Danielle Green
Aftercare perfection

The laundry bag is perfect for taking care of your items and can ever be used for other delicates ;)

Jen S.

This laundry bag for the pads is great. It keeps them intact and you don't lose them in the washing machine.

Kate Wimmer

This fit my BRA perfectly and pads!
I got this 2 days ago and washed my pads first, I wanted to see if my new bra fit in and its perfect! next order ill be adding another one for my swimmers! so good.

Sarah Smith

Hey guys just received in the mail. Fast delivery and love the hero packaging. I purchased the starter kit and it included this laundry bag . 5 stars for service and quality. Well done Blushoff!!!

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Angela Smith

I got gifted this product originally and fell in love with it! I used to use baby wipes and would go through heaps to wipe my makeup off and still my face never felt 100% clean. The remover pads make your face squeaky clean! I recommend it to all my family and friends.

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Lucia Green

Products I love
I ordered twice. The order I placed last has arrived but my first order still hasn’t

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Isabelle August
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I. LOVE. IT ! Absolutely amazing ! My skin looks and feels Fabulous and that is saying something for a 63 year old. Thank you!


Wow, these makeup remover pads really do work, soft gentle, sturdy and efficient in removing all makeup. Would love to see them in other soft colors - not a fan of white, but they do wash out well with Blush off shampoo - back to pure white :) Will definitely repurchase when needed. Best I've used so far.

Works well

Makeup remover shampoo works very well with just one pump - all makeup gone, clean and ready for the next use in seconds.