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Blush Off

Single Pad

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This environmentally friendly makeup remover pad designed with patented, plush micro-tech fibres to magically remove makeup by simply adding water.

Ditch the wasteful wipes and your ratty makeup remover cloth because the best selling makeup remover is here. The quality and durability is what makes our pads a sell-out! 

Designed by our team of beauty professionals, Blush Off has utterly transformed the humble makeup remover pad, making it bigger, softer and 7 times more absorbent.

This is hands down, the most environmentally friendly makeup remover you can find. Blush Off means no more waste, no more harsh toxins and no more extensive and expensive skin care routines.

Combine this pad with our exclusive Blush off Shampoo Cleanser to keep your pad looking new and feeling fresh every time. Bacteria free leaving a lavender fresh scent. 

Uncomplicated, simple, effective and natural. The BEST way to remove your makeup, naturally. 


Blush Off White Pad - recommended for lighter makeup application 

- Waterproof mascara

- Waterproof eyeliner

- Makeup

- Sunscreen

- Zinc

- Dirt

- Oil Based products

- Mud masks

- Clay masks

Tell me more

- 100% Non-toxic

- Reusable pads can be used over and over again (more than 200 times)

- Just add water that’s right nothing else

- For all skin types including sensitive skin

- Encased within is a super absorbent sponge that helps trap and hold the dirt and residue

- They are larger and thicker than other pads making them easier to handle and more comfortable to use

- Features a hanging loop for easy air drying after each use

Made with

- Antibacterial sponge

- Micro-tech fibres

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Single Pad - Blush Off - Eco Friendly Makeup Remover - FREE EXPRESS SHIPPING  Single Pad - Blush Off - Eco Friendly Makeup Remover - FREE EXPRESS SHIPPING  Single Pad - Blush Off - Eco Friendly Makeup Remover - FREE EXPRESS SHIPPING  Single Pad - Blush Off - Eco Friendly Makeup Remover - FREE EXPRESS SHIPPING  Single Pad - Blush Off - Eco Friendly Makeup Remover - FREE EXPRESS SHIPPING  Single Pad - Blush Off - Eco Friendly Makeup Remover - FREE EXPRESS SHIPPING

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews

I’ve used these make up remover pads for a long time now and will continue to do so until they stop selling them.
They really do work well with only water. Nice for my face ☺️

Anna M.
Single Pad

Brilliant for removing makeup nice and easy and with little pull on the skin. Works well with the shampoo cleanser. Highly recommended.

Kellie A
No more disposables

I’ve been using these pads for a long time now and I’ll never go back to disposable cotton ones with cleanser.
Takes off all makeup and masks and general daily grime.

. Colleen
Top product

I like using this to get my make-up off. You know you have removed all your make-up, so your pores are cleaned out.
Will buy more. I use the shampoo cleanser to clean my make-up brushes too.

Catherine McCooey

I love love the face pads! I was bought them for a present and have since bought three packs from you to give to other people. My partner wears thick white zinc on his face everyday outside for protection and he uses one and said it’s fantastic and makes the clean up quick and easy Great! Also your service is really great too 😊👍🤸‍♀️



Designed by an Aussie "BUSY" Mum to help end the use of chemicals and save beauty babes time and money.


Shipping to beauty babes, globally. Free Express Shipping to Aussies on orders over $39. See shipping details for other countries.


Minimalising skincare wastage as well as reducing waste in landfill. We've stopped over 15 million single-use wipes!


We stand by our products and quality 100%. If you are unsatisfied with your order, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.



How often should I replace my pads?

Washable and reusable, they will last over 200 washes. How often you wear makeup and how heavy it is will determine how often you should replace them. Every 3 to 4 months is recommended depending on use.

What skin types can I use Blush Off on?

Good news, babe! Perfect for all skin types. No matter how beautifully, young or mature, you can always use your Blush Off kit. Ideal for sensitive skin. Only add water to activate, and you are ready to remove your makeup or mask.

Is your packaging environmentally friendly?

Our compostable mailers from @hero.packaging and @signet are made from cassava roots and corn starch; these babies are entirely plant-based. This means NO MORE PLASTIC! They break down in 90 days in a compostable environment and leave zero chemical residue.

Our Shampoo Cleanser bottles are 100% recycled plastic.

TIP! Re-fill your travel bottle with the 200ml for handy use when travelling.

Please dispose of your empty pump using your local council's kerbside recycling bin.

We love that we are helping the Earth in any little way we can!