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  •  STEP 1

Place your BLUSH OFF face band around your head to hold back your hair. Add water to your BLUSH OFF pad to dampen, squeeze out any excess water.

  • STEP 2 


Light circular motions recommended

Use one side of the pad to remove all your makeup. If you are wearing waterproof mascara, leave the pad on your eyelid for a few moments longer to release the makeup onto the pad.  Flip your pad over, ensuring all your makeup is now off your face and onto the BLUSH OFF pad. The makeup becomes trapped in the fibres on the pad. It will not return onto your face.

  • STEP 3

Using your BLUSH OFF pad cleanser, apply a small amount to your Blush Off and slowly work your fingers into the dirty areas.

Rinse the pad under warm water to unlock the fibres and remove your makeup from the pad. Repeat if needed on stubborn stains.

  • STEP 4

With the loop of your BLUSH OFF, hang your pad to dry before storing it away for your next use. We recommend washing your BLUSH OFF in the laundry wash bag after 2-3 uses. Wash your BLUSH OFF up to 200 times before ordering more!

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