October 30, 2019


 Make the change for the better. 

Wipes have been EXPOSED! 

Did you know that it takes over 90 years for just one wipe to decompose?

We spend an average of $9.00 per pack for 25 wipes and trust that we have completely removed chemicals, makeup, dirt and bad bacteria from our faces.  In fact, we are doing the opposite. Wipes are the main cause of blocked drains and the most harmful to our marine life.

Want more cons? Very few makeup wipes aren’t even that effective, leaving oils, dirt and makeup wipe residue all over your face. Leaving that gunk on our faces and rubbing the bad bacteria back into your skin.

Save your PORES and the PLANET

Do you want to do more? We reward you for making a difference.

Once you have used your Blush Off and are ready to replace them, pop them in the mail and we will send them to be recycled leaving a cleaner footprint for our planet. Help save the planet and we’ll save you 10% off your next order.

Post to Recycle your pads here!

Pores 4 Planet
PO Box 5192


 *please note recycled Blush Off pads must be dry before sending. 

Thank you for caring enough to make a change. 



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Don't just take our word for it...

244 reviews

Love it cant wait to go away with it

Blush Off Starter Pack

Most amazing product ever used! Would never believe that such a product could wow me and want me to sing it from the rooftops! Thank you for this amazing product!!!

Very happy

I was a little sceptical about ordering these products!
But so glad I did....very happy
I will purchase more..

Another Blush Off Favourite!

I’ve had this Quick Dry Turban for about a month now, the material is super soft and luxe and wow does it live up to its expectations. I’d love to see one in black! 🥰

Best products

I was skeptical when I purchased this product. But let me tell you OMG it actually works! If you are sitting on the fence, don’t. This is a game changer and will save you lots of money, as well as the environment. Highly recommend. Will definitely only use this from now on. Also the customer service is A+++